Lithium Batteries, the ultimate eBike power source

    Here at H.E.H. we stock and sell lithium batteries from a wide variety of USA based suppliers. Every eBike build is different, so we make sure that we are able to supply you with the very best choices for your (custom) application. Whether you are looking for massive power, range, frame mount, compact and or lightweight, we can supply the perfect fit to your eBike. Here are just a few samples of the advanced lithium batteries available. Please call for current stock and availability (734) 238-2269.

Electric Fat Tire Bicycle Motor
Electric Bike Motor Powerful

             EBO conversion packages now availablE

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BionX conversion packages now available at H.E.H.​  

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Electric Bicycle Motor Off Road

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid Batteries) - The least expensive way to start down the roaD

                                                                                36 VOLT 10 AMP HOUR SLA BATTERY
                                                                                                        Includes Battery Charger and Battery Bag (as shown here)         $269.00

                                                                                                       48 VOLT 10 AMP HOUR SLA BATTERY
                                                                                                        Includes Battery Charger and Battery Bag (as shown here)         $319.00


Crystalyte conversion kits, phoenix II systems - up to 45 MPH!

                                       Choose your conversion by Power (watts) and price...

 This page represents only a very small sampling of the products we have available. We have products from MANY  industry leading suppliers to create top quality kits and Ebikes for almost any need and budget. All of the parts for  eBikes and Kits are sourced from within the USA or Canada and have USA based warranties. We are now also offering  VELOCARE  extended warranties. If you don't see what you are looking for, then please give us a call.  (734) 238-2269

Electric Bicycle Motor for Street

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