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                                       The Amazing life benefits of e-Bikes

This page is a resource for answering Frequently asked questions and gathering information that may help you on your path to human electric hybrid biking.

Advantages - the short list

NO - Licenses

NO - Registrations

NO - Insurance

NO - Fossil Fuels (typically drive your ebike over 1000 miles before you use enough electricity to buy a gallon of gas)

NO - Endlessly searching for a parking spot.

NO - Noisy Engines (just a low hum of an electric motor)

NO - Fuel Smells

NO - Perspiration (unless you want to sweat!) Arrive at work, class or wherever clean and fresh.

NO - Messy Oils or Lubricants. Store ebikes inside your home if you need to.  

Extend your biking range and quicken your pace. Think 10 or more miles to drive to work is too far on a bike? Think again. Almost all systems are capable of speeds in excess of 15 mph and ranges from 15 miles and up. In some cases, when you can combine roads, sidewalks and biking trails, you can actually get to work FASTER by legally avoiding traffic signals. 

E-Bikes are an excellent alternative for YOUNG drivers or Pre-Driving Teens. Teens and young drivers can become highly mobile on an ebike. After the initial purchase there is almost ZERO operating costs. Pennies per charge which can get you 20,25 or more miles.

Older riders will be overjoyed that you can once again ride your bike and go wherever you'd like without too much stress on the body .. This goes for anyone! Use the motor or pedal as much as you like. Or no to very little pedaling at all needed.

Ebiking for the health of it

There is a common misconception regarding electric bikes - that they do all of the hard work for you. It's true that they compliment the pedaling power of the cyclist as well as provide assistance whenever needed, but it's important to note that they are not the same as a motorbike or scooter. 

Because electric bikes reduce the level of effort required when compared to a regular bicycle, they offer the perfect way to bridge the gap between no cycling and cycling on a regular basis. Health experts universally agree that even modest amounts of regular exercise are far more beneficial than no exercise at all and such, ebikes are ideal for helping people of all ages enhance their fitness. Riding to work, school, or the grocery store on an electric bike offers significant health benefits to the rider.

Some even believe that electric bikes provide greater exercise opportunities simply because ebike owners choose to ride their electric bikes more than they would a regular bike. Riding an electric bike is often so exhilarating that it may not even seem like you are exercising, which makes people far more likely to stick with it, therefore increasing the health benefits even more so. Choosing to ride your ebike means that the car stays parked, therefore no exhaust fumes are generated, and that, of course, results in health benefits for everyone. Any way you look at it, riding an ebike more of the time is a healthy choice for yourself and everybody around you.

Where to buy your ebike ,ebike conversion, or LEV?

Well, we hate to say it, but we are biased, of course H.E.H. is just the best place to go for just about any eBike need. We are not the least expensive place, but at H.E.H. we are willing to spend the time it takes to find out exactly what you need to ride away with. Then, we can custom tailor the exact eBike (or eTrike) you need. We focus on the absolute best customer service, with up to the minute industry knowledge about what is available to create YOUR eBike. We also only sell items from reputable suppliers located within the United States or Canada, which means warranties are serviced here. And as always, at H.E.H., the sky's the limit.  

Alternatively, seek out a local eBike store that sells only eBikes. Ebike only stores tend to have knowledgeable staff that can really help you decide what you need. You'll be able to test ride before you buy, so there are no surprises. They should also be able to service your bike locally, when needed. Be careful, however, of single brand eBike stores. They tend to sell what they want to sell you, not, necessarily what you want to buy.                                                           

What in the world is aN H.E.H. or L.E.V.

H.E.H. is short for Human-Electric Hybrid. So, what is a Human-Electric Hybrid? They are machines or vehicles that use combined power from your body and an electrical source (such as a battery) to do work. When a bicycle is converted to an H.E.H., it uses your legs and electric motors to propel the eBike to your destinations. 

L.E.V. is another acronym that is commonly used (used more than H.E.H.) when referring to eBikes. L.E.V. stands for Light Electric Vehicle. Light electric vehicles are defined as battery, fuel cell, or hybrid-powered 2-or-3-wheel vehicles generally weighing less than 200 pounds (100 kg).

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What to avoid when making your purchase

On-Line only purchased eBikes seem to offer the best value for your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, they often travel many thousands of miles for months on boats and trucks. Usually, until it finally arrives to you, nobody has seen what's inside the box since it was packed away at the factory. Then, eBikes need to be assembled. Ebikes have complex electrical and mechanical systems that, sometimes, are just not up to the trip. Then, you could be stuck for weeks or months on end, waiting for someone to troubleshoot your issues from afar, then, possibly, sending the wrong part. Not to mention, you didn't even get to test ride it before you bought it. Shopping based on price, alone, is almost never the best way to go when buying an eBike.
Buying an eBike from a conventional bike shop may be only slightly better than purchasing an eBike online. Most conventional bike shops don't have eBikes on the floor for test riding. In most cases, they do not employ knowledgeable sales people or technical support staff to help you make an informed decision about your purchase. If they only have a few eBikes in the store, then they are selling you the bike that THEY want to sell to you, not the one YOU want to buy.  

Laws regarding electric bicycles and tricycles

Although laws vary from state to state, the Federal government has created a standard as a guideline for manufacturers of pedal bikes and trikes with electric motors. The laws apply to two and three wheeled vehicles with pedal power and electric motors. A state may not create laws or restrictions that override the Federal Law. So here is what the Federal law states (in so many words).

States must regard pedal powered vehicles with electric motors of less than 750 watts (1 horsepower) as a normal bicycle. Which means ebikes must have rights of access to the roads, trails and sidewalks as any normal bike or trike without a motor. Further requirement is that the bike is not capable of exceeding 20 mph WITHOUT pedaling (motor alone) with a 170 lb rider on a level surface. States must also not create laws that require any type of registration or licences for operation of such vehicles.

​That is a basic synopsis of the Federal Law.  States or Local municipalities may TRY to invoke and or enforce more restrictive laws, but they aren't supposed to.  If you use basic common sense, obey traffic laws and use courtesy in your daily travels, you will find that you won't have any more (or less) issues than riding a normal bike. Some of the motors are so small (yet powerful) nobody may even know you have an electric motor unless you tell them. Regardless, (as local authorities may pass laws regarding eBikes) the owner is ultimately responsible for legal operation of an eBike.