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Over four years in business we continue to grow and expand our capabilities. You can rely on the fact that we base our expertise around 25 years of electronics, Industrial controls experience, and a lifetime of love for bicycling. The systems we use to convert your bike are robust, and derive from mature technologies that are just at this moment becoming a practical solution for personal transportation. This helps to put the reliance of fossil fuels into your past, or minimize their use. 

                                     What can H.E.H. do for you?

As in our mission statement above, our goal is to help you kick fossil fuel addiction by adding electric propulsion (motors, controllers, etc..) to your bicycle, trike, or other conventional human powered vehicles. This creates a complete, ready to go, plug in (the wall) Human Electric Hybrid vehicle which can be powered by you, the electric motor(s) or BOTH. We can do this for your existing bike, or almost any other new bike or trike you pick. You'll be driving around on a completely custom H.E.H. solution designed around YOU  and the way you intend to use it.

Here is a brief description about what we do to help get you on the path to H.E.H. biking.

-First, a complete consultation which answers all of your questions about H.E.H. biking. This includes an interview about how you plan to use your H.E.H. to make sure we "get it right the first time." This will make sure you'll have no surprises and your experience will be as enjoyable as possible.

-An installed and tested system which includes a  motor installed on the front or back wheel, in the chain line, or sometimes a combination.  We can accommodate all wheel sizes 16", 20",24",or 26", 27.5", 650B, 700c/29er. Systems include (at minimum) a throttle, a motor controller, and a battery pack and charger. Pedal assist (PAS) sensors and even Torque sensors can be installed for the ultimate in integration. The system will be custom tailored with enough power for your commute (Pedal assist or no pedaling at all). Top speed can be over 20 mph (typical legal limit without pedaling). Faster or Slower top speeds can be achieved upon request.

-We can also recommend / install other modifications that may make your commuting even more fun. Examples are: Integrated LED headlights, Integrated LED tail lights, Horns, Turn signals, Brake lights, USB ports for phone charging, etc.

                What if you don't have a bike you'd like to motorize?

-If you don't already have a bike that you want to motorize, then we can help by supplying you with a complete CUSTOM electric bicycle or trike that has the characteristics YOU want and need. You DO NOT need to compromise by buying a big box manufactured eBike that doesn't do EVERYTHING you'd like it to do. 

You already have an eBike, or you already have a conversion system?

If you've purchased an eBike already, or you've purchased your conversion system and need assembly, service or modifications, then we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to take a look at it.

(*Note that our estimates for top speed and range will be modest compared to almost ALL other vendors of similar products. This is because we feel it is important to state the "minimum" performance someone can expect from their new H.E.H. ) 

- Please send us an Email or give us a call with your questions. There's no obligation and we are always happy to discuss your particular situation.

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Our Mission: Assist our customers to minimize the use of fossil fuels for personal transportation.