PHOENIX II ELECTRIC BIKE KIT (starting) Price $839.00 

The following items are included with this product: (36v to 48v )
1 of APM for Phoenix II Electric Bike Kits 
1 of Controller for Sensored or Sensorless Motors 3000 watts
1 of Phoenix II Motor laced to your choice of rim size
1 of Throttle 
1 of Brake Inhibit for Phoenix II Kit - 2 Brake Handles

Professional installation and testing (starting) $149​

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Tues-Thurs 11 Am - 7:00 Pm, Fri 11 Am - 5:30 Pm, Sat 11 Am- 5:00 Pm, Sun 11 Am-4:00 Pm

Mon By Appointment Only. Later and Earlier hours may be available by appointment.

Electric Bike kits $399-$999

Hi-Power E-Bike Conversion KIT                                                                                                       (starting) Price: $689.00

Kit Includes...

Front or Rear Crystalyte H3540 Direct Drive motor laced to your choice of rim size. Sine Wave BLDC Controller (36v - 72v compatibility), Thumb or Twist Throttle. 3000 watts with 72v battery.

-Cycle Analyst and Cycle Analyst 3 (CA3) plug and play compatiblity. Many Motor, Controller, Display and PAS  combinations are available. Please email or call.        Professional installation and testing (starting) $99​

Electric Bike kits $399-$999
Electric Bike kits $399-$999

                                     Conversion Systems 2001w-UP OFF ROAD $675-$2025

Electric Bike kits $399-$999
Electric Bike kits $399-$999