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BionX D500 DV Fat Tire                            Price: 2599.00

Most powerful BionX system on the market, 2.5x the torque of the P-Series systems
500 watt D-Series motor compatible with 8/9/10 speed cassettes
48V x 11,6Ah Battery providing 555Wh capacity
130km range potential with base assistance
Includes the new RC3 Controller and colour DS3 Display
Bluetooth Module sold separately

​Pricing includes basic installation and testing.

​Availability - TBD

H.E.H. Human Electric Hybrids LLC  279 N Hewitt Rd. Ypsilanti, MI 48197  (734) 238-2269

Tues-Thurs 11 Am - 7:00 Pm, Fri 11 Am - 5:30 Pm, Sat 11 Am- 5:00 Pm, Sun 11 Am-4:00 Pm

Mon By Appointment Only. Later and Earlier hours may be available by appointment.

H.E.H. fat tire conversion kits 

Send YOUR FRONT (optional REAR) wheel to us for motor installation. We send back your wheel and all parts and instructions required (no battery) for conversion. We also have fat wheels "in stock" if you'd rather not send us your wheel. We can convert just about any fat bike with this kit.

This includes all E-BikeKit parts: (Other systems available upon request)

-500/1000 watt Front (Rear 1000w) motor installed into your Front rim with 12ga stainless spokes.                                                                      

-LCD Control Panel,  Motor Controller, All (plug together) cables required.                                 -Torque Arm, Lawyer washers, all small hardware items needed for installation.                   - Installtion / Set-up Manual    

Higher Power Systems ARE AVAILABLE with Phoenix II or Crystalyte Crown motors.

See the bottom of this page or call for a quote.


​​H.E.H. (front) Fat Tire Conversion PKG      $769.00 (call for rear motor price)