Excellent sales, service. Jim's attention to the customer and his attention to detail can most assuredly find the right e-bike for you. I am amazed at my bike, a conversion. I highly recommend him and his business. Check out his shop and test drive seomething. You'll be hooked. - Bart Heldke

Great customer service, and I am in love with my conversion. People who try it out pretty much come back with a huge grin. I am so happy with this in every way. Awesome can't be used too much to describe the results. It is far better than I ever imagined it would be.

-Linda Diane Feldt

This is Tim and Deb. They had us install two mid drives on an Electra Townie and the Terra Trike above. The Townie got a BBS01 350 watt drive with TWO 36v 20ah batteries. The Trike has a 'Lectric Cycles 1000 watt BBSHD drive and TWO 48v 20ah batteries on an A/B switch, The trike also has an integrated Cycle Analyst 3 (CA3) that keeps close track of range and battery usage.  

Here's a few messages we received after Tim and Deb had some time to enjoy their bikes....

-Hi Jim. Thanks for a great experience and motorizing my bike. It was a lot of fun trying out your demo bikes and learning my options. Rode it for the first time yesterday and everything far exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed being able to ride faster again. My starts are much easier and no longer painful from my knee replacements. I enjoyed my slightly assisted three hour ride and smiled the whole time. Thanks. Hope to see you again soon with my wife's bike and a fat tire bike for me!  -Tim Sullivan

-Hi Jim..Just wanted to let you know. My ride across Iowa with my wife went well. The battery's lasted 40 miles each and we were able to complete the 500 mile ride as planned. There were a lot of hills and it would of been difficult-impossble for me and knees without the assistance. We had a couple 80 mile days and never ran out of power w a little management. -Tim Sullivan

​-Hi Jim. We have both really enjoyed the bike. The range has been unbelievably good. We have both done five long rides and have gotten between 76-82 miles on the first 48/20ah battery. And 72-76 miles on 48/20ah battery. Combined the batteries would easily do over 140 miles!!!. That should  conquer any day ride with power to spare.. We have done that on stop and go urban trails with pedal assistance at 3/4 . We average 16/18 mph. The 1000 watt motor is very powerful. On straight aways the throttle will do 32 mph+ witch is fun but a little scary for us. All this has far exceeded our expectations! My theory on it is that the more powerful motor is so effective and efficient that it allows us to pedal very well at 18 mph and we hit a sweet spot there. I have zoomed by most every rider at 75% of my and her max. We went to the White Pines trail today and took turns riding it and had 108 miles and the second battery still had 10ah left! It's been well worth the extra money to get the most powerful motor and batteries. We have had a lot of fun with it. And if we bonked out or got tired we just throttle in! Was nice to have when we cramped a little. I am taking in on the Hilly Hundred Ride in October and will let you know how that goes. It is very very hilly ride and with my knee replacement I haven't been able to go. I've tested it on some local hills and it easily chugged up the hills with pedalling assistance at 5 and a little throttle. All of this has allowed us to not worry about tiring out when riding together. Thanks again for making her "perfect" bike.

Did a great job on my bike thanks a bunch -Brandon Zoldos

H.E.H. modified my commuter bike for me, in just two days, and I LOVE it! I can't wait to bring you my Fat Tire Bike!
Thank you, Jim! -Bonnie Nolan

Awesome product, Awesome customer service! Great Company!  -Chuck Loeser

customer reviews

  Reviews from a few of  our hundreds of happy customers

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Mon- Fri 11 Am - 5:30 Pm, Sat 11 Am - 5 Pm, Sun By Appointment Only. Later and Earlier hours may be available by appointment.

Best electric bike shop in the world. I have a pedicab business he has fixed every issue with my electric assist pedicabs. Also has pointed me in the right direction to save me money. If you are looking for a great product at an affordable price go see Jim. Its winter time check out his fat tire bikes. - Kevin Spangler of Boober Tours

Electric Fat Tire Bicycle Lectric Cycles eRad

I love my conversion! It's just what I wanted exactly as I explained what I was looking for to Jim. I wanted to be able to still pedal at high speeds. -John Walczac

Electric Fat Tire Bicycle Lectric Cycles eRad

If you're looking for an eBike, my friend Jim Summers is having a sale until Nov 26. I've bought two bikes from Jim and they are fun to ride, reliable, and expertly assembled and serviced. -Peter

Awesome job on my high power 29er! It's absolutely a blast to ride!!!!! - Tobe Drew

I stopped in after my bike popped a tire, he had me fixed up and on the road again in no time. Very knowledgeable and friendly!

- Matthew

Great service and assistance -- Jim is great and extremely helpful in my search for the right mid-drive fit I was looking for. Enjoyed my "New Bike" day today with a 5 mile ride! - Julian West

Im Quite Happy with my latest H.E.H bike. 1500 watts has no trouble zipping a big guy like me around. flexible payment options, even delivery. I'd rather have a custom bike than a generic one bike -fits-all. -Paul Maxwell

Boober Tours
Electric Fat Tire Bicycle Lectric Cycles eRad

Jim is smart, fast and honest and that makes it a pleasure to do business with him. - Bob Markley